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Parque Ribeira Primeira

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Parque Ribeira Primeira, a project that shares exclusivity with True Spirit, aside from its fun and natural trout fishing route and outdoor meals, offers a cafeteria & Tea House service.

Our customers can fish a trout if they wish to, and then see how it’s cooked right after being caught, resulting in a marvelous dish. If the customer prefers not to fish, there are other dishes they can choose.

The origin of the name is based on the fact that the First Ribeira (Riverside) it’s the first source of Ribeira de Santa Cruz. The name translates implicitly fresh water, pure water source, through an unspoiled environment, all critical for the existence of a calm, serene, and relaxing atmosphere. These are key attributes for the life cycle of the trout, which is a fish that is very sensitive to any situations of less pure water.

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