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About Us

True Spirit

Who We Are

We are a tourism company inspired by nature, with innovative products and services marked by superior quality.

We put excellence in everything we do.

We guarantee the best experiences for our clients. We participate in the preservation of the environment.

Why True Spirit

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We aim to contribute to the touristic, economic, and cultural development of Madeira Island, along with our partners.

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To make a difference through the planning and execution of all our activities in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and partners.

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Safety represents a MAJOR FACTOR in the development of our services. We ensure security, contingency, and meticulously prepared emergency plans.

Responsible Tourism Policy

True Spirit is committed to operating in accordance with the principles established on the Sustainable Tourism Agreement +20 (2015) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We always consider the vulnerability of Madeira Island’s ecosystems, its territory occupation patterns, the cultural and patrimonial identity, as well as the potential impact that tourism may have on these.

Through our Responsible Tourism Policy, True Spirit wishes to portray, along with our workers and partners, our commitment to meet the requirements established on the Biosphere Responsible Tourism guidelines by practicing good and responsible environmental activities and showing nature the respect it deserves, as well as by conserving the cultural and historical patrimony.

True Spirit seeks to minimize the effects originated by its operations, motivating and educating its workers through training and awareness courses that follow the principles found on the Sustainable Tourism World Agreement +20 (2015), promoting good environment, hygiene, and safety measures.

Through its activities, True Spirit wishes to keep promoting equality of gender, creating, therefore, job opportunities for both genders, and show no tolerance to behaviors that promote the exploitation of women, children, or disadvantaged individuals.

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